Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Volpe’s goal is to provide highly individualized advice and care. His practice follows the original philosophy of chiropractic: a natural, drug-free approach that takes the whole person into consideration and respects the mind/soul connection to one’s physical well-being. He also adheres to the six principles of naturopathy.

He is a proponent of one-on-one healthcare. The simplicity of his office operation gives him more time to spend with his patients, and he works in partnership with each of them to develop treatment plans specific to their needs.

Dr Volpe consulting with a patient's mother

Dr Volpe consulting with a patient's mother

First appointments are scheduled for a minimum of one and one-half hours to ensure every new patient a block of uninterrupted time to discuss their particular situation and treatment options. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Volpe seeks to identify the underlying causes of health problems and addresses them directly. This approach may include some type of initial laboratory analysis to determine possible nutritional deficiencies or other imbalances and to provide a baseline against which progress can be measured over the course of treatment.

At the second appointment (usually 45 minutes), a patient’s test results are reviewed and a proposed treatment plan, including recommendations of any nutritional supplements or herbal remedies that would be helpful, is discussed in detail. Patients then receive a written plan that includes a recap of test results, dietary changes and supplement program.

Follow-up appointments are generally 20 to 30 minutes, but longer appointments may be scheduled if necessary. In between regular appointments, Dr. Volpe is usually able to respond to questions from his patients by phone, fax or e-mail within 24 hours.