Natural solutions that work for childhood asthma, allergies, skin conditions, and many autoimmune diseases

Through my years in practice I have been blessed to be able to help many children with asthma, allergies, eczema, and related conditions – as well as adults with the same conditions or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

All of these health challenges share a common trigger: a malfunction of the immune system causing the body to react – sometimes violently – to a benign substance like pollen or a tissue or organ of the body itself that does not normally pose a threat to health.

Conventional medicine addresses these conditions by using a wide range of drugs all of which work by suppressing the immune system. While suppression can manage the symptoms of an out of control immune reaction

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, it can also open a door for some very bad things to happen. Reading the potential side effects of some of these medications can be a chilling experience. Listed side effects often include cancer, antibiotic-resistant infections, and even death.

A recent article on the asthma medication Advair goes over the risks of this medication in detail. You can find the article and read it here:

By contrast natural medicine aims at identifying root causes that trigger these conditions and correcting them. Relief may not happen quite as rapidly but, when it does, it tends to be permanent and free of side effects.

I received my original training on treating childhood asthma from Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD of Seattle, Washington. Dr. Wright is a brilliant doctor who is very favorable to natural treatments, and has been teaching seminars on nutritional medicine for more than a decade.

According to Dr. Wright childhood asthma is often associated with intolerance to the protein in milk and milk-derived foods and to gluten, which is contained in several grains including wheat. Remove these foods and the asthma may clear up or improve substantially. Over the years I have been able to confirm through my own professional experience that Dr. Wright was absolutely correct. Yet a piece of the puzzle was still missing.

The next breakthrough for me came from researching and starting to recommend Chinese herbal products. It seemed that over centuries Chinese herbal medicine achieved something modern medicine has not been able to: to normalize an out of control immune system without suppressing it.

Because Chinese herbal products do not suppress immunity, side effects are rare and never severe, at most amounting to the occasional upset stomach. None of the herbal products I tried over the years worked as well as some green pills called BioEssence.

Not only did BioEssence help children with asthma, eczema, or allergies, it also helped adults with these same conditions as well as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and more. Results were often dramatic and almost immediate. Even more remarkable than this, there were no signs of immune suppression, either from symptoms or laboratory results. Then, all of a sudden, the product was no longer available in the US.

After investigating personally to find out what had happened, and even speaking at length with an FDA agent, I found out that the FDA had no specific charges to make against this product. According to US law the FDA does not approve dietary or herbal supplements. They can only ban them if (1) they are found to be unsafe, (2) they are found to contain ingredients classified as drugs or (3) claims are being made that they can cure an illness.

Points (1) and (2) were not applicable to BioEssence, but point (3) was indeed. Apparently the former importer and distributor of this product had been making all sorts of health claims and posting them on the internet. Although it would seem legitimate for someone to be able to say that something has health benefits when it really does, in our country this is against the law for anything other than approved drugs.

Some people may wish that the law could be changed, but then you’d have people selling all sorts of things – maybe even snake oil – and claiming they can cure just about everything under the sun!

Now I hear that BioEssence is again being imported in the US and is available to doctors like it used to be. To date I have not yet identified a source and confirmed availability, but if you are interested please check my website from time to time or call my office because I have good reason to believe that this is not just a rumor and that BioEssence will soon be available again to my patients and readers.

3 Responses to “Natural solutions that work for childhood asthma, allergies, skin conditions, and many autoimmune diseases”

  1. Hello,
    I am an adult with all of the issues listed above (since childhood), along with newly developed peri-oral dermatitis. I came to this website- and am wondering if this is the supplement you mentioned and if so, which one specifically did you use of the many they have listed? I would love some more insight dealing with these issues. Thank you for your educational site… it’s very difficult to find doctors looking to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

  2. The Supplement I mention has nothing to do with the site you found. it is made by Universal Immuno Modifier in Vienna, Virginia, near the DC area. The person responsible for the formula and for having it manufactured is a Dr. Park originally from Korea and yes, it is now made in the US although in its presious form it was imported from China.
    Best regards,
    Arturo Volpe

  3. Hi..I am very interested in this all natural remedy for seasonal and food allergies/asthma. All three of my children have severe allergy/asthma issues and the allergy drugs are having serious mood and behavioral effects on them. Especially, now my pre-teen son! Unfortunately, when I remove the allergy drugs, he gets sick again! And, not just your average stuffy cold sick…it will last forever and then he ends up on antibiotics..Another bad thing!
    I have recently found out that I am Gluten Intolerant and Lactose intolerant. I find your information about the intolerance to those in children perhaps being a starting point source for the systemic alergies/asthma…
    I am curious if these all natural remedies come in child versions (chewable or liquid). And, have you found this Bioessence again?