Mosquito Update

About two years ago I wrote in my newsletter that I had been finding that taking a capsule or two of vitamin B-1 (thiamine) every day often stopped mosquitos from biting, and a majority of the people who experimented with it said it helped.

Vitamin B-1 is natural, safe, and has other health benefits aside from helping repel mosquitoes. In addition, a bottle containing 100 capsules of vitamin B-1 costs less than $10 at my office. In my opinion, if it works for you it sure beats covering your body with chemicals of questionable safety.

Though it was ineffective for some, in most cases reports have been positive. Yesterday I was reminded of this again when a mother who brings her three children to me said that everyone in her family now takes one capsule of vitamin B-1 a day and mosquitoes are a problem of the past.

For some older children or adults one capsule a day may not be enough, but taking 2 or even 3 is perfectly safe. You may also need to take it an hour or two before you are exposed to mosquitoes for optimal benefits, though many people take it once a day in the morning and find that it protects them for the entire day. If you try this and want to report on its effectiveness please email me at