Ritalin linked to cancer

Here’s more of the same. If you want my opinion, every single one of these patented chemicals will be found to be dangerous sooner or later. I don’t mind if people choose to put them in their own bodies, but to force them on their children?

This study comes from right here in Houston at MD Anderson. After decades of booming sales, including a 500% climb from 1991 to 1999, could Ritalin really cause cancer?

Although this was a small study, its results were nevertheless dramatic. Researchers followed 12 children who took average doses of Ritalin over a period of three months and found that every one of them experienced a significant increase in the level of chromosome abnormalities, a condition that sets the stage for developing cancer later in life. Apparently the study was the first one ever to look for chromosome-damaging effects of Ritalin in children.

In a Houston Chronicle interview, Dr. Martin Legator, professor of toxicology at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) and chief researcher in this study, stated that Ritalin, like smoking, ‘doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer. It’s a risk factor.’

The reporter reminds us that this study is only the latest to cast doubt on ADHD medications. Only last month, Canadian authorities suspended sales of Adderall following reports of 20 deaths, while US regulators logged seven deaths of children taking Ritalin and Concerta, and Strattera was found to cause potentially fatal liver damage.

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