Autism report on Houston’s NBC-TV station

The mother of one of my patients suggested to Channel 2, the NBC affiliate here in Houston, that they should include me in their multi-part report on autism that ran this month. When they interviewed me, they were very interested in the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) approach to treating the condition and the positive results we have seen with many of the children under my care. The report, which ran on the late afternoon newscasts on consecutive days, also included interviews with several of my patient families as well as other healthcare professionals. The series also included useful information about working with insurance companies for better coverage of various therapies. Thanks to Krista Marino, Health Beat reporter, Emily Akin, consumer advocate, and their Channel 2 News team for focusing attention on this important topic.

If you are interested in this subject but missed the series, just ask to see the tape next time you’re in the office.

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