Hyperbaric update and special offer

About this time a year ago I decided to buy a new soft-shelled hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I had had one like it years before and knew its benefits, and also wanted to make it available at more affordable prices than those charged elsewhere.

Since that time a number of families with autistic children have taken advantage of it. In almost every case the effects were beneficial to the child, and speech, eye contact, as well as behavior improved to varying degrees.

Interest in hyperbaric is high among families with autistic children because there have been studies showing benefits, and these have been discussed at many parent conferences. However, benefits are equally significant for children with cerebral palsy, as well as for anyone who suffered a closed head injury or stroke. Benefits have also been reported in people struggling with fatigue and/or muscle pain, and of course the chamber greatly speeds up recovery from athletic events.

There has been some discussion of whether the benefits of the chamber are just temporary. Without a doubt there is a component of the benefits that is temporary and if anyone uses the chamber at any given time they are likely to feel great energy, which of course only lasts for a while. On the other hand, when hyperbaric oxygen is combined with physical, speech, or other form of therapy, gains are achieved at an accelerated pace and these are permanent.

Even at my low prices the chamber remains beyond the reach of many families battling health challenges. As a result, I decided to offer a 20% discount to anyone buying a package during May. For more information on how the chamber can help you or your child and to learn about available packages please read Hyperbaric Therapy on my website or call my office.

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2 Responses to “Hyperbaric update and special offer”

  1. Have you had any patients that have used the hyperbaric chamber with any success for epilepsy?

  2. Actually I have not but I know that in some cases hyperbaric has stopped seizures completely or reduced them and I am open to someone wanting to try it for that. I also recommend exploring diet and supplements. Diet has provided the best results in my experience. Among supplements, MCT oil, which I wrote about recently in the context of Alzheimer’s and focus, sometimes works wonders and there are people who have been relying on it alone to control their seizures.