Possible link between daily aspirin and pancreatic cancer

This study is an interesting one because it raises a question no one would have thought of asking. It also shows how chemicals can have unpredictable long-term effects in the human body.

The study (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, vol. 96, No. 1, 22-28, January 7, 2004) analyzed previously collected data from a huge project known as the “Nurses’ Health Study” that followed more than 88,000 women for a period of 18 years. While only 161 cases of pancreatic cancer were reported, I am sure no one would put him/herself willingly at risk for this terrible disease.

The investigators concluded that the risk of pancreatic cancer was significantly correlated with long-term aspirin intake. Women who reported taking aspirin every day for more than 20 years had the highest relative risk.

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