Deformities found in farmed salmon

I received the link to this article from one of my readers. While the title states that up to 5% of farmed salmon is deformed, the text then informs us that in some areas, including
Norway, the rate of deformity exceeds 25%. What seems to be happening is that the bodies of these poor fish grow too fast compared to their skeletons, causing them, I am sure, to look pretty awkward.

Although the author of the article tells us that the cause of this phenomenon is still a mystery, my reader knew better and suggested in her email that she believed it could be related to what they are fed. I agree wholeheartedly! Feed things like cornmeal and soy protein to fish evolved to eat shrimp and what do you expect?

We donĂ­t have to look very far to see examples of what improper diet will do to physical development. In fact we don’t have to look any further than ourselves. For example, it is
interesting to note that we are “designed” to have four wisdom teeth and yet hardly any of us have enough space in our mouths to accommodate them. Is this a design flaw? I don’t think so.

Today no one asks questions like these, because we are so focused on “wonder” drugs and “miracle” surgeries.” But there were times when these questions made a lot of sense to people.

In the early part of the 20th century Weston Price, a dentist, asked himself this very question. Noting that wild animals always have perfect dentition he wondered if there might be people, somewhere in the world, who also did.

This one question led him to undertake two decades of intense travels to the most remote areas of the globe, and what he found was nothing short of spectacular. Back in the 1930’s there still were groups of people living traditional lifestyles on every continent. He found them in Ireland, in remote Swiss valleys, and elsewhere. Their only contact with the rest of the world often was mail service once a week during the good season. Nowadays they’re gone, assimilated into modern society, and our opportunity to study them is lost forever.

Dr. Price lived with these people, he studied them, photographed them and came to know them well. They grew or hunted all their own food, prepared it according to ancestral recipes and, you guessed it, they had perfect teeth! Not only that, they also enjoyed radiant health. At a time when TB was the number one killer in the civilized world, he could find no evidence that these groups ever experienced a single case of this disease.

In some cases Dr. Price visited family members who had moved to the city and adopted the modern lifestyle, and found that they experienced all the same problems the rest of us do, further proving his point that diet was linked to physical development.

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