Dangerous levels of lead found in children’s vinyl lunch boxes

No one would question the toxic nature of lead, especially for children, and yet somehow it keeps popping up in products for children. In the latest episode, independent testing performed at the request of the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), found that some of the most popular vinyl lunch boxes contain as much as 90 times the legal limit for lead. Not
only that, but the lead concentration is highest in the inside lining where it is most likely to come in contact with food.

According to the CEH, toxic lunch boxes include those featuring characters like Superman, Tweety Bird, Powerpuff Girls, and more; however, you canĂ­t tell whether a lunch box
contains lead by its appearance. To read the entire story and view pictures of incriminated boxes see http://www.cehca.org/lunchboxes.htm.

Recommended solutions, according to the CEH, are to avoid all vinyl lunch boxes – or at least test the ones you have using a lead test kit. We recently ordered some lead test kits
from www.professionalequipment.com that were inexpensive and easy to use. I think they are important survival tools for any family with small children.

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