Are genetically engineered foods safe? A hint from horses

Even if we don’t actually see the difference, the composition of many foods we eat on a daily basis has been altered in recent years through genetic engineering.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure that genetically modified foods are always safe for human consumption, although our government’s position is that they are safe unless proven otherwise and routine safety studies are not required.

A hint regarding possible heath risks associated with genetically engineered foods comes from a grass story I received from a subscriber.

Until I read this story I thought that all grass was the same and cattle raised on grass was the best. Not so, as apparently industry has been developing grasses with higher sugar contents to fatten up beef faster.

Industry may care much more about the weight of beef cattle than their health, but when horses that are expected to live longer also graze on these high-sugar grasses, they develop various types of metabolic disorders – like diabetes – that were previously rare. Now doesn’t this sound a bit like what’s been happening to people?

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