Migraine headache and food allergies

It has been my consistent experience that allergies to common foods – including milk, wheat and eggs – explain the vast majority of migraines. Certain studies were done once and, even though the results were remarkable, they were never repeated – probably for lack of funding. In an older but still valuable study (Lancet, 1979;966-969) 60 migraine sufferers were placed on a strict elimination diet and 85% became migraine-free. Elimination diets are short-term eating plans that require complete avoidance of foods that are most likely to cause a reaction.

When study participants re-introduced the eliminated foods, the most common causes of their migraines were found to be wheat, oranges and eggs. Incidentally, 25% of the participants to the study also happened to have high blood pressure, and in each participant the blood pressure also normalized when they eliminated the foods to which they were allergic.

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