Local co-ops for organic vegetables, honey and other products

There is a farmer’s market every Saturday morning in the parking lot of Onion Creek coffeehouse in the Heights (Houston) that features local organic produce. On the first Saturday of every month, there is an organic market at Kraftsman Bakery on Montrose Boulevard near Richmond Avenue (next to the Black Labrador). The following co-ops have a variety of shopping options, with some even offering delivery to your home.

Central Houston

Tomball/Woodland Area
Camille Harris
Jubilee Organics

Cypress/Spring area
Marilyn Coe

Sealy/Bellville area
Denise and Robert Mersmann
Mersmann Heritage Farm
1783 Peters San Felipe Road
free range eggs; wild honey
open year round, 7 days a week

Ozark Co-op variety of natural products, canned goods, baking needs, dry goods, foods, etc.
Regina Rowley

Cypress/Waller area
Mary Shaw

New Waverly/Conroe area
Lynn Rogers and Kathy Vyvjala
Lynn 936.890.0094
Kathy 936.344.0514
also sells organic produce

Organic Food Websites

Ozark Cooperative Warehouse

Eat Wild
A clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming

Vital Choice
Wild Alaskan salmon and blueberries

Jim Benedict, Spring Meadow Farms, 717.665.6004
Sells ground, non-roasted buckwheat. Most of the buckwheat available from stores is roasted and has a very strong taste. It is commonly used in combination with white flour to add its unique flavor. Used alone toasted buckwheat is too strong for most people. Non-roasted buckwheat has a mild taste and can be used on its own as a gluten-free flour replacement. Buckwheat flour is made from the seeds of a grass traditionally grown in the Far East. Even though buckwheat is not technically classified as a grain, it is higher in carbohydrate content and lower in protein than wheat or rice and should not be used as a staple.

Blanched Almond Flour from www.almondsonline.com
Although almond flour can be made at home using a food processor, it can be a challenge to obtain the right consistency. This company makes high-quality almond flour. They also do not handle any peanuts at their facility, thereby eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination for those allergic to peanuts.

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