Nut flour

As parents, we find it difficult to streamline our children’s diet with balanced nutritional ingredients and still keep our little ones pleased with their food, especially snack foods. Most snack foods (even gluten- or casein-free) have little or no protein and tons of carbohydrates.

Many of you have probably read or heard of recipes that called for flour made from ground tree nuts. I am guessing that many of you dismissed this idea, because how in the world will a nut flour stack up in baked goods? We really want to try new things, but we are so tired of using new ingredients that have created spectacular flops; and we simply draw the line at using ground nuts for flour.

However, this alternative ingredient deserves a second look. Almond flour (my personal favorite) does wonderfully in baked goods. From cookies to crackers to breads to pound cakes, it really works. One reason I am fond of almonds, besides the nice flavor it adds, is its nutritional makeup. It is balanced between carbohydrates and protein and offers a good source of fat. So, as long as you keep sweeteners in your recipes to a minimum, you can have a balanced snack that is easy to pack and go.

The thought of finding raw nuts and grinding them seems expensive and labor intensive, so you may wish to order almond flour in bulk. Initially, purchase a small quantity and try some recipes to see if it is a product you will use. If you are satisfied with the results, you can order in larger and therefore more economic quantities.

Two places I found online are, and Even with added shipping charges, buying the flour this way seems to be price- effective as long as you order a large enough quantity (at least 10 pounds).

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