Midwest mumps outbreak found to affect mostly vaccinated young adults

This is a good one: not only are vaccines laced with poisons, they don’t even work! During the recent and highly publicized mumps outbreak, a mother who had not had her children vaccinated called me in frenzy because her poor children were unprotected against this terrible disease. I told her that I had mumps as a child and was here to talk about it. She then called me back a while later, much calmer, to say that her mother also told her she had it and it wasn’t a big deal. See what drug company marketing is doing to us?

Interestingly, this recent outbreak affected the first generation of young adults who had received in childhood not one but two vaccines against the disease. The mumps also affected them at an age when there is a real risk of complications, which is insignificant during childhood.

I know what my solution to this would be…but I am afraid the authorities will end up mandating a third round of the vaccine.

Read more at http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-he-mumps24apr24,1,1137276.story

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