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We are all living through the same economic downturn even though each one of us is affected to a different degree. Some may have seen the value of their homes and investments go down but are relatively unaffected otherwise. Others may have been affected to a much greater extent, seeing their incomes go down or even losing their jobs.

This is an unfortunate situation and I hope that the recession will turn into a recovery very soon. Nevertheless, because of the depth and spread of this downturn, it is possible that some aspects of the crisis may be long-lasting. For example, even when we are well into a recovery our disposable income and access to credit may still not match what they used to be.

In terms of our health, an economic downturn will not, unfortunately, mean that we stop having health concerns. It also doesn’t mean that those of us who gravitate towards natural treatments will stop doing so. It only means that we may need to be more careful as to how we invest our healthcare dollars.
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Most physicians unhappy with their work

A survey published in the Journal of Internal Medicine (Jul 2001;16:451-459) reveals that most physicians are dissatisfied with various aspects of their work, including professional autonomy, leisure time available, time available with individual patients and income. When compared with a similar survey performed in 1986, these results show a sharp decline in job satisfaction among MDís.

In my work there is a great deal of job satisfaction, even though leisure time is clearly a problem. More and more MDís are making the switch to nutritional medicine because it gives them the tools to help people regain their health rather than just controlling their symptoms.