Four interesting new supplements

These are supplements that have either been recently released or are new to me and are now available from my office.

Cereboost 6-hour: this supplement contains extracts from the herbs American ginseng, which improves focus and overall brain function, and Rhodiola rosea, which normalizes stress hormones, and therefore has a positive effect on irritability

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, impulsivity, and other related symptoms. This combination is fast-acting and seems to be very effective. Early reports have been that children are more organized and pay more attention, and adults are more able to multitask when taking it. Though my sample is small, so far no side effects were reported and only one child appeared not to tolerate it.

Though fast-acting the effects of this supplement wear off within approximately six hours of taking it, hence the name. While not a complete or long-term solution, it can be helpful as a brain booster when a little extra help is needed, or for children having trouble focusing in school.

XanthiTrim: this newly formulated supplement from Pure Encapsulations may turn out to be a major help for people trying to lose weight. With ingredients like decaffeinated green tea extract, pomegranate juice and seaweed it contains nothing that comes even close to being a stimulant or an appetite suppressant that could be harmful. What these ingredients all have in common is the ability to stimulate the body to burn fat. Therefore it is no surprise that in studies it was shown to enhance the weight loss effects of diet and exercise. Read More »

Anxious about the economy?

The economy may be slowly on the mend, but one major aspect of hard times like these is the effect they have on mental health. Based on the calls we are receiving at my office, anxiety about the future and personal finances is widespread and people are seeking help.

A news release that recently crossed my desk suggests that up to one in three Americans are losing sleep over the state of the economy. No matter how you look at it, losing sleep will not get you any closer to finding a solution. While the drug companies may be quietly benefiting from this state of affairs, it is important to remember that natural solutions work equally well or better, with no side effects, no risk of addiction, and often with beneficial effects for health in general. Unfortunately, the people who suffer the most are often also the least likely to seek help from a qualified natural health professional like myself because the expense involved generates its own stress and anxiety.
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