Essential minerals: supercharge your (or your child’s) diet with homemade beef bone stock

When it comes to maintaining or regaining health, nothing plays as important a role as proper mineral balance in the body. Although we no longer hear much about it

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, leading experts in the field of nutritional medicine sounded the alarm as early as the 1930’s and 40’s: modern agricultural practices were depleting the soil, generating widespread mineral deficiencies and imbalances. This in turn left us vulnerable to weakened immunity, digestive and nervous system disorders, and more. When combined with the dramatic spread of environmental chemicals and other toxins over the past half century, the recipe for disaster is complete.

Those sounding the alarm were the likes of Henry Bieler, MD, and Max Gerson, MD. Dr. Bieler wrote the book “Food is Your Best Medicine.” He believed in drug-free medicine and was well-known at the time for being the personal physician to Greta Garbo and other stars. He was also known because his patients had a habit of living well into their nineties. Dr. Gerson authored “A Cancer Therapy.” He used food, vegetable juices, and little else to successfully treat diseases ranging from migraines to diabetes and even cancer.

Mineral supplements can help correct deficiency in some instances; however, many essential minerals are poorly absorbed from supplements. In addition, manmade supplements that are not properly balanced can aggravate any existing imbalance. The bottom line is that only natural unprocessed foods contain minerals in optimal ratios and, in fact, the body is ideally suited to absorb minerals from food rather than supplements.
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What does “100% Natural” mean?

If you are anything like our family, you struggle constantly with the cost of organic food. You know you should do it, but sometimes you just can’t afford it. It is usually possible to find organic fruits and vegetables on sale when they are in season. Or you can join different local co-ops for produce. But when it comes to organic meat, it is way out of my price range, and when it comes down to choosing therapy and supplements versus organic meat. Well, quite simply, the meat loses.

So then comes the challenge of finding what is the next best. And you see all the labels in their glory “Pilgrim’s Pride 100% Natural Chickens” or Sanderson Farms declares its hormone-free chicken meat as “all-natural” and “100 Percent Chicken. Naturally.” Clever billboards declare, “Our ingredient list: chicken.”

So what does this word natural mean?
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My two cents on the recent E. coli outbreak

By the time you receive this newsletter this will be old and almost forgotten news, but many who read about the recent E.coli scare in the papers or heard about it on the news might have ended up with the idea that E.coli is some sort of deadly bug.

People like me who focus on intestinal health know very well that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the presence of E.coli in a person’s intestinal tract is a marker of good health, while its absence is a clear indication that something is amiss.

Not only that, but if you can think back to a time preceding the current wave of “synthetic” farming, you may remember that cow manure was once a primary form or fertilization. This may not sound too appetizing, but it still reflects our history. I would bet that cow manure contained many billions of E.coli organisms per cubic inch, and yet people were not dropping dead left and right.
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News briefs and interesting links

Could it be that the very test used to screen for breast cancer “mammography” might increase your risk of getting the disease? This seems to be the conclusion reached in a recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that lists radiation exposure from medical screening tests as a risk factor.

Thermography, a radiation-free imaging procedure, seems to increasingly be a valid alternative as new technologies develop. Unfortunately it not endorsed by mainstream medicine but you can read about it at (This site requires nominal fee for subscription. If you are a patient ask to see the article when stopping by my office).

I have said it for years: Ritalin and other ADD drugs are another huge medical crisis waiting to happen. These drugs are classified as amphetamines, or are cocaine-like substances, and we know the harmful effects that both of these can have. Why would the ADD drugs be spared these same problems? Now, after identifying 51 deaths from these medications, the FDA is requiring a warning on these medications regarding possible cardiovascular effects. You can find detailed information at
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How to choose a Defeat Autism Now! practitioner for your child and what to do while you are waiting for your first appointment

This piece is meant as a resource for families of autistic children who are faced with controversy and difficult choices when trying to find effective help. However, readers not connected with autism may also find that this article contains interesting pieces of information.

In reality autism is not really that unique or different from many other conditions. It is what happens when vulnerable infants experience an overwhelming exposure to toxins at critical stages of development. Their vulnerability is probably a result of several factors including an immature immune system, genetic predisposition, and nutritional deficiencies, some of which could be inherited. Research has shown that deficiencies of critically important vitamins or other nutrients can build up from one generation to the next, leading each successive generation to be more vulnerable to environmental insults.

Today, there are a growing number of toxin-induced disorders, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and a long list of neurological disorders. All of these are at or near epidemic levels and it is important to understand that autism is not unique in this respect and many of the same interventions can benefit all of these seemingly unrelated conditions.

Mainstream medicine is still stubbornly denying that mercury in the preservative thimerosal used in vaccines could have contributed to the autism epidemic. For a long time the official position was a flat denial that such an epidemic even existed. As the numbers continued to grow and became impossible to ignore, the position shifted to holding that the cause is unknown and nothing can be done other than therapy, while millions of dollars are – in my opinion – wasted on genetic research that so far has failed to produce any glimmer of hope.
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More natural food resources

You can make flour from almonds and other nuts at home or you may order almond flour from

Pure buckwheat flour, free of gluten and other grains, is available from Jim Benedict at Spring Meadows Farms at 717.665.6004.

If you would like to get off antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, the first step is to talk to your psychiatrist. The website contains detailed information on the correct procedure to taper off different medications. In my experience physicians are not always informed of the best way to do so.

For non-toxic pest control, see

To find natural products for the home go to Janice’s Natural Products at (an odd website but it works). Also see and

To learn about issues surrounding vaccines, including your rights, see and Then if you want to become an expert on thimerosal and other hidden sources of mercury go to

For information on natural parenting see and

Interesting meat and fish websites

A cartoon on the op-ed page of The New York Times earlier this month depicted a restaurant patron telling his waiter “I’m worried about mad cow disease so I won’t be having steak today.” The waiter replies “In that case, may I offer you some mercury laden fish with a serving of genetically engineered vegetables?”

I don’t know how real the risk of mad cow disease is in our country, but one thing is for sure: healthy cows pastured on grass don’t get it. To find a source of pastured beef in your area, and learn more about the health benefits of natural beef, see

You may not be able to find a good source of pastured meats that is convenient for you. If not, there are various internet sites where you can order meats and poultry. However, my wife and I have found that shipping charges can make ordering from these sites prohibitive. One solution might be to join up with others and share the cost.

Here are some sites I have found: sells free-range turkeys, but their smoked products contain nitrates and are not recommended. has free-range and organic chickens offers free-range beef, pork and lamb sells a broad selection of natural, nitrate-free fish, beef, lamb, pork and free-range chicken

The following sites sell mercury free wild Alaskan salmon:

Local sources for natural meats

The following carry beef and/or chicken and/or turkey, grown without hormones, steroids, animal byproducts or pesticides:

Cypress Area
Pam Brayton
also sells honey and Frontier products

Spring area
Marilyn Coe
281.376.3592 home
281.449.6651 work

Willis, Texas
Camille Bock

Kingwood Area
Jill Reuter

Huffman area
Linda Tonsing

Southeast Houston
Clare Wilkinson


Local co-ops for organic vegetables, honey and other products

There is a farmer’s market every Saturday morning in the parking lot of Onion Creek coffeehouse in the Heights (Houston) that features local organic produce. On the first Saturday of every month, there is an organic market at Kraftsman Bakery on Montrose Boulevard near Richmond Avenue (next to the Black Labrador). The following co-ops have a variety of shopping options, with some even offering delivery to your home.

Central Houston

Tomball/Woodland Area
Camille Harris
Jubilee Organics

Cypress/Spring area
Marilyn Coe

Sealy/Bellville area
Denise and Robert Mersmann
Mersmann Heritage Farm
1783 Peters San Felipe Road
free range eggs; wild honey
open year round, 7 days a week

Ozark Co-op variety of natural products, canned goods, baking needs, dry goods, foods, etc.
Regina Rowley

Cypress/Waller area
Mary Shaw

New Waverly/Conroe area
Lynn Rogers and Kathy Vyvjala
Lynn 936.890.0094
Kathy 936.344.0514
also sells organic produce

Organic Food Websites

Ozark Cooperative Warehouse

Eat Wild
A clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming

Vital Choice
Wild Alaskan salmon and blueberries

Jim Benedict, Spring Meadow Farms, 717.665.6004
Sells ground, non-roasted buckwheat. Most of the buckwheat available from stores is roasted and has a very strong taste. It is commonly used in combination with white flour to add its unique flavor. Used alone toasted buckwheat is too strong for most people. Non-roasted buckwheat has a mild taste and can be used on its own as a gluten-free flour replacement. Buckwheat flour is made from the seeds of a grass traditionally grown in the Far East. Even though buckwheat is not technically classified as a grain, it is higher in carbohydrate content and lower in protein than wheat or rice and should not be used as a staple.

Blanched Almond Flour from
Although almond flour can be made at home using a food processor, it can be a challenge to obtain the right consistency. This company makes high-quality almond flour. They also do not handle any peanuts at their facility, thereby eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination for those allergic to peanuts.

New Resource for Alternative Breads

The Deland Bakery of Deland, Florida specializes in alternative breads. Some of their breads are gluten-free, others are also yeast-free, and I haven’t seen any sugar or dairy products listed in any of their breads. Some of the breads are made from oats and, while oats do contain gluten, it’s a slightly different type of gluten that is some times tolerated by gluten-sensitive individuals.

The number for the Deland Bakery is 904.734.7553. They ship all over the country. Please note that I have no affiliation or direct experience with this bakery but they have been recommended by patients (and parents of patients).