New evidence reveals downside of ADHD drug

When Strattera was approved a few years ago, many hailed it as a major breakthrough in the treatment of ADHD. Finally, an ADHD drug that wasn’t related to cocaine and wasn’t an amphetamine! I heard some very educated people say that this drug was going to be safe because it wasn’t a stimulant.

New evidence has now led the FDA to require a warning for Strattera. Apparently a “small percentage” of children on this drug can develop severe liver injury that progresses to liver failure and death. Warning signs of trouble include itching, jaundice, dark urine, tenderness on the right side of the abdomen, or “flu-like” symptoms. Wonderful!

After the Vioxx episode and now this, I would suggest that the next time you hear of a breakthrough treatment you keep a safe distance from it.

For more information on the new Strattera warning see

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