Repair the membrane, restore the body: innovative approaches to regaining optimal health and the science behind them

At one time cell membranes were believed to just be envelopes surrounding cells. However, it has been nearly forty years since the structure of the cell membrane was deciphered leading to the development of the Lipid Bi-Layer Fluid Mosaic Model. In this model cell membranes are no longer seen as merely envelopes, they become dynamic structures that play critical roles in the health and detoxification of cells, and the cells’ unique ability to work in concert – thus keeping us in good health.

Lipids – or fats – are the main component of cell membranes. Lipids in cell membranes are actually phospholipids – or a combination of fats and phosphorus – and not just fats. They don’t just sit idly by doing nothing; they contribute to every aspect of cellular energy, detoxification, and optimal function.

Healthy cell-membranes lead to healthy cells, a healthy body, plenty of energy, healthy aging, and so forth. Among other things, cell membranes incorporate hormone receptors that, if sound, will promote healthy hormone activity throughout the body.

Unfortunately the fats (or phospholipids) in cell membranes can be degraded leading to deterioration in cellular – and, overall – health and wellness.

A major reason why cell membranes become damaged is poor diet. When highly processed fats are a major component of an individual’s diet, they will be incorporated in cell membranes and cause their function to deteriorate. Excessive intake of sugars

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, refined carbohydrates and other processed foods will have the same negative effect.

The fats in cell membranes are very vulnerable to oxidation, so a lack of antioxidants in the diet is also a primary cause of damage to cell membranes.

Last but not least, environmental toxins like mercury and an almost endless list of chemicals present in our everyday lives can also harm cell membranes, and thus have far-reaching adverse effects on health.

The first symptom of cell membrane damage could be described as decreased energy levels or vitality, although other common symptoms include intestinal and digestive problems, chronic pain, and weakened immunity. Damaged cell membranes have also been linked with neurological disorders, autism, problems like depression or anxiety, ADHD and – ultimately – cancer, heart disease, mental decline, and more.

Forty years of research on cell membranes have significantly enhanced our understanding of their central role in health. Ultimately much of what is recommended today, like fish oil supplements, is aimed at improving cell membrane health whether we know it or not.

Meanwhile, forward thinking researchers and physicians developed the concept of Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) – a way to actually “change the oil” in the body. Damaged fats in cell membranes are replaced with healthy ones, gradually restoring health.

LRT is not a cure for disease, but a way to restore health from its most basic foundation! I have long studied  different forms of LRT, and find it compelling though not always equally effective. I now offer a new form of LRT in my practice.

Its main components are:

  1. A diet that is low in allergens and that avoids sugar and processed foods

  2. Taking  the active form of B-Complex vitamins and minerals like magnesium that promote their function

  3. Targeted detoxification when needed and based on a person’s particular circumstances.

  4. Taking a supplement, NT Factor, that supplies all the phospholipids present in healthy cell membranes in the ratio that they are needed.

If you are dealing with a significant health challenge and are interested in this innovative therapy I would be happy to help you with a phone or in-person appointment. If you’d just like to try taking NT Factor feel free to order it from my office..

As a minor aside, an optimal combination of phospholipids as needed in the body is also found in, well… raw egg yolks! Let’s remember: egg yolks are more than just cholesterol. As noted in my article on cholesterol, some children with autism recovered when parents added raw egg yolks to their diets – but I doubt that any did on cholesterol supplements.  If, however, you are thinking of doing this, do not forget the ever-present risk of salmonella. While salmonella is often mild and only lasts 24 hours it can, occasionally, be severe and even life-threatening.

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