Vaccines, allergies and asthma. Is there more?

Vaccines are rightfully credited for bringing about major advances in public health. People of my age still remember growing up with stories of children who suffered horribly because they had polio. I grew up in Italy, and these stories were common. When the vaccine finally arrived and became available to all, parents were elated.

Is it possible that a good thing – if overdone – could lead to adverse results? Is it possible that lifesaving vaccines are now causing more harm than good?

For many parents of children with autism or ADHD who read this newsletter, there is no denying that too many vaccines can cause harm. So many of these parents witnessed a severe deterioration in their children’s ability to communicate or even function normally after they received a battery of vaccines, often to face denial or even ridicule from the medical establishment.

A recent study known as ”KiGGS – the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents” provides new evidence that vaccines are not only or always a good thing. This study looked at the health records of more than 8,000 unvaccinated children from a number of different countries and compared them to those of more than 17,000 vaccinated children.

In every category of health evaluated, unvaccinated children fared better than their vaccinated peers by leaps and bounds. The vaccinated children in the study:

  • Had double the allergy rate of unvaccinated children
  • Were 8 times more prone to developing asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • Suffered many more autoimmune diseases. Less than 0.5% of unvaccinated children had these horrible and sometimes life-threatening conditions as compared to 7% of vaccinated children.

Other areas in which unvaccinated children fared better included the incidences of skin rashes, ear infections, hay fever, migraines, and – you guessed it – hyperactivity and autism!

Another large study that is very similar to this one and that was also just released – known as the Bachmair study – reached very similar conclusions. Read about both studies here:

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One Response to “Vaccines, allergies and asthma. Is there more?”

  1. I found you thru generation rescue. I have a child, who had all her vaccines up to four yrs old. She experienced seizures starting at age 3 months. until she was two. From the time she was three until now at age 6 she has sever tonsilitus and an itchy pee pee. She has been seen at texas childrens hospital four times. Of course she has been tested. yes for everything. But our local doctor did not test anything for two years and then called cps. which has taken most of my energy and undue stress to defend myself and keep my child. Now , i was homeschooling and everything fell to the wayside, except fighting a corrupt government agency. Now i am enrolling my child into public school and she needs her remaining vaccines, I however want to get and exemptions. ANY ADVICE, ANY DESCENT DOCTOR , ANY HOPE ? ? ?