QRS update

Those who have been receiving this newsletter for some time or are patients of mine are probably familiar with a treatment I recommend called QRS (Quantron Resonance Systems). This treatment is administered through a German-made mat on which people can sit or lie for brief periods of time while it produces pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).

Although too few Americans are familiar with PEMFs, devices like the QRS are well known in Europe and are often provided in hospitals. In addition, there are volumes of research supporting the benefits of PEMFs for health and some exciting new research discussed in past issues of this newsletter focuses on their benefits for brain function and regeneration, and even severe depression.

To understand the benefits of PEMFs consider that the human body is electric. Nerve signals follow electrical impulses. Healing and regeneration of tissues occurs following electrical signals. Detoxification and absorption of nutrients are driven by electricity, and so forth. Devices like the QRS have the capacity to activate and normalize electrical activity in the body.

Often the most dramatic and fastest benefits from the QRS are seen in people with pain and inflammation, either from arthritis, injury, or surgery. For surgery, recovery time can be cut in half. Those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, other forms of chronic pain, children with ADHD or autism, and people with autoimmune diseases have all benefited from using the QRS as long as they have been able to commit to a regular treatment schedule. To learn more about the QRS and find out whether it could be helpful for you or your child I recommend you start your research from this website: www.quantronmedicine.com

To achieve optimal benefits this device should be used every day, and up to three times a day for difficult cases. Some people tried it at my office for brief periods and erroneously concluded it didn’t work when they really had not given it a fair chance. The reality is that, since daily sessions provide optimum results, this device is designed for home use. Although many people I know invested in one and have been very happy with the results, very often the approximately $3,000 cost for the device is an obstacle.

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