Interesting meat and fish websites

A cartoon on the op-ed page of The New York Times earlier this month depicted a restaurant patron telling his waiter “I’m worried about mad cow disease so I won’t be having steak today.” The waiter replies “In that case, may I offer you some mercury laden fish with a serving of genetically engineered vegetables?”

I don’t know how real the risk of mad cow disease is in our country, but one thing is for sure: healthy cows pastured on grass don’t get it. To find a source of pastured beef in your area, and learn more about the health benefits of natural beef, see

You may not be able to find a good source of pastured meats that is convenient for you. If not, there are various internet sites where you can order meats and poultry. However, my wife and I have found that shipping charges can make ordering from these sites prohibitive. One solution might be to join up with others and share the cost.

Here are some sites I have found: sells free-range turkeys, but their smoked products contain nitrates and are not recommended. has free-range and organic chickens offers free-range beef, pork and lamb sells a broad selection of natural, nitrate-free fish, beef, lamb, pork and free-range chicken

The following sites sell mercury free wild Alaskan salmon:

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