More natural food resources

You can make flour from almonds and other nuts at home or you may order almond flour from

Pure buckwheat flour, free of gluten and other grains, is available from Jim Benedict at Spring Meadows Farms at 717.665.6004.

If you would like to get off antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, the first step is to talk to your psychiatrist. The website contains detailed information on the correct procedure to taper off different medications. In my experience physicians are not always informed of the best way to do so.

For non-toxic pest control, see

To find natural products for the home go to Janice’s Natural Products at (an odd website but it works). Also see and

To learn about issues surrounding vaccines, including your rights, see and Then if you want to become an expert on thimerosal and other hidden sources of mercury go to

For information on natural parenting see and

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