Coconut Milk

from The Mood Cure by Julia Ross

Delicious in smoothies, or with chicken or vegetable broth or water for a soup base. Great in hot spicy herb teas or with fruit instead of whipped cream (it solidifies in the refrigerator) or diluted in any recipe that calls for milk or cream. Look for first-press (full-fat) canned milk without preservatives.

Thai Kitchen coconut milk is one of the best available in stores. Find it online at

From scratch:
Method 1: Break open a fresh coconut and pour the clear milk into a blender. Remove the coconut meat, chop and place in the blender. Add enough hot water to bring the level to 4 cups. Blend at high speed for 3 minutes. Strain, pressing pulp to get out all liquid (this can be done in cheesecloth). Return pulp to the blender, just cover with hot water, and blend on high speed for 2 minutes. Strain, press again to remove all liquid from pulp, and discard. Refrigerate or freeze.

Method 2: Soak dehydrated full-fat coconut (unsweetened) overnight. Strain and press as above.

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