UltraLite: at last a healthy weight loss program that really works (and one that I like)

Over the years a small but consistent number of people have always come to see me wanting to lose weight as their primary goal or one of multiple goals. I always tried to help these people and gave them diets I felt were healthy and could help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Even though we all know how difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off

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, I felt that my results in this area were often unsatisfactory. In time it became evident that, to be successful, people need more than just a diet outline. They need specific guidelines, resources to help them select and prepare their meals, and a structure to monitor their progress and support them if something goes wrong. This is more than a single practitioner like me with a busy practice can put together.

Last fall I was approached by an Australian company that offers a weight-loss program called Ultra Lite exclusively through doctors.  You can read about this company and their program here: http://www.weightlossforlife.info. This company has been in operation for more than ten years and has an impressive track record of success.

As I analyzed their information I realized that their philosophy and overall approach were very much in step with my own. Their diet is well-balanced, it is based on healthful whole foods, and they recognize how people can gain weight by eating foods to which they are allergic, even if they do not overeat. In fact, weight gain can be the only symptom of food allergy. This is a critical factor that few people, even among weight-loss experts, realize.

I started to work with this company early this year and my results have improved dramatically. Virtually everyone who is on this program with me is achieving his or her weight loss goals without hunger, cravings or other roadblocks. What is even more impressive is that participants are also overcoming a variety of health problems. Some have come back to see me saying that they have never felt better in their lives, with better sleep and more energy.

Fatigue lifts, constant headaches clear permanently, cloudy thinking is no longer a problem, and hormones normalize.  Even depression and anxiety seem to dissipate for some people.  Meanwhile, high blood pressure normalizes, early signs of diabetes disappear, and one thing we all love to see in my office is how much better people look.

This is all that nutritionists like me learned in school and firmly believe: that diet, not drugs, is the key to vibrant health. If you are interested in the program for yourself or for someone you know and would like more information do not hesitate to call my office.

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